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Extremely Casual Recent Release Roundup: April 14th 2023

It's too hectic to have extended thoughts on any music in particular, but there is so much going on right now and I want to briefly mention as much as I can. First off, I totally missed that there was a new batch of music coming on one of the finest labels around, elsewhere. There's a Jürg Frey composition for strings and saxophones, a trio who have each had excellent contributions to the label already (Germaine Sijstermans / Koen Nutters / Reinier van Houdt), and a trio that's all making their first appearances here (Giovanni Di Domenico / Silvia Tarozzi / Emmanuel Holterbach). So cool to see Tarozzi joining the roster! I need to save my money right now, but once I get back to buying music, these three are at the top of the list.

There was also a batch that came out on Another Timbre that looks really great. There's something with Apartment House performing some Pauline Oliveros, and something new from Laurence Crane! His album with the classic ladybug smoking a cigarette cover is really great, check that one out if you haven't.

And there's been so much really cool music that I knew was coming but have barely had time to process. There's a wide variety of vivid and lively electronic music, from Nondi_, DJ Girl, hyphyskazerbox, Fausto Mercier, Govlink, and Rezzett. Though if you want some full on electronic pop, you're going to want to check out Katie Gately's new one. And if you like it when the colors come attached to brutality, you have to check out Donna Candy, they are my favorite new rock band. Plenty of great ones that find a calmer beauty too, like Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary, James Emrick, James Holden, Holsen&Cassiers, Katya Shirshkova / Yura Kuznetsov, Piotr Kurek, Francis Plagne, and Richard Youngs.

And then there's all the stuff I still haven't even begun to listen to (or couldn't think of an easy way to slip into those categorizations)! So much stuff on the anticipation list that I still desire, even if I missed it in the moment. And on top of all that, as you can see from that page, there is so much incredible stuff that's coming out now, or in the near future. We've got a pair from Portraits GRM, a new one from Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society, a new duo from gabby fluke-mogul with Nava Dunkelman, and all sorts of other cool stuff out today. And then in the immediate future there's that Charles Curtis / Alan Licht / Dean Roberts archival trio recording, a new appearance from Quin Kirchner / Daniel Van Duerm / Matthew Lux as KVL, and the new Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective album just got announced and the preview track sounds incredible, I am so excited for that one.

Also, I have certain advantages from being a website, I've been able to hear some albums in advance. And so I know for a fact that the new albums from Lucy Liyou, Martyna Basta, and Wobbly (both of them in his case) are all sure to be among my favorites of the year and deserve every possible effort to understand, so that I can properly convey why they are so essential to hear. It's a lot to balance! And I know that no matter what, I am going to get to spend my time with incredible music. I just wish I could stop the clock so that I'd have time to properly appreciate all of this music. Wouldn't work though, music is a duration-based medium!

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