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No New Release Roundup: March 24th

OK so I really was gonna be on the ball today and get some good writing up. But all sorts of very busy real life activities have piled up! I'm going to be moving, and sadly that has to take prescedent. There's a ton of great stuff coming out today though, do not miss the Andy Loebs and Oishi albums, they're both fantastic. I've also still been listening to a lot of 90s guitar music lately, have you all ever listened to The Amps? It was a band with Kim Deal and some dudes from Guided By Voices. One of the songs Tipp City was famously sampled by Girl Talk, but I'd never actually listened to the album. It's really good though! So yeah, go listen to The Amps - Pacer. I'll be back next week with some full thoughts on the new music!

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