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No New Release Roundup: March 3rd 2023

My mood is way up, but I'm still mostly just listening to Guided By Voices. "Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department" is such a good one! But I am still making some moves back toward contemporary listening, and there's plenty of new stuff this week that is sure to draw me in further. New Kate NV album! That alone is such huge news, but there's plenty of other intriguing stuff, I'm really curious to hear what the deal is with this Zoƫ Mc Pherson album, the preview track sounded pretty wild. And then there's Benoit Pioulard in song mode, Julia Holter taking part in some contemporary composition thing, and stuff from reliably great labels like Orange Milk, Hakuna Kulala, Full Spectrum Records, Doom Trip, Primordial Void, and so many others... it's another great week to be checking out some music. And it's one of those Bandcamp fee-waive days, so there's bound to be a whole bunch of surprise releases. I don't understand why people do the surprise release thing for these days, I'm way more likely to buy something if I actually know about it ahead of time, but I guess it works for the people who do it, otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it. I kinda hate it tho! But yeah, you can find all the stuff I knew about ahead of time on the anticipation list.

I got a bit ambitious and started trying to write something tying together the new albums from Max Syedtollan and Morgan Garrett with some thoughts about where acts of transgression fit within contemporary music, and the world in general right now. But I did not finish in time! So I won't have any writing about specific music this week, but I will make sure to finish this for next week. In the meantime, go listen to both of those albums, they're incredible!

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