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New Release Roundup: January 24th 2023

Here's a look at some of the music that has recently come out!

January 6th, 2023

Marcelo Cugliari - Unknown Landscapes (NEUS-318)

Oriental Love a.k.a. Kaya Takada - Fossa Magna (NEUS-318)

I saw a0n0 tweet out about Fossa Magna, the album was not on my radar at all before that. There's so much that I'm unaware of in the fringe digital music experimentation in Japan. I had no idea about this artist or the label, but the latter appears to have been running since the late 90's! I'll have a lot of catching up to do, seems like something I should know more of based on these two latest releases.

January 9th, 2023

Wheatie Mattiasich - Old Glow (Open Mouth Records)

This one is phenomenal! More people need to know, I think a lot of folks would really dig it. My usual expectation with this label is to see some weird stuff featuring Bill Nace (always welcome), but the music here is some relatively straightforward and gorgeously rendered songs comprised of voice, guitar, keys, and dulcimer. I'm addicted to track 5, 'People', it's one of those perfect little tunes comprised solely of a melody that burrows so deep into my mind that it feels like it has existed forever. A major standout, not to be missed.

January 12th, 2023

Lucy Duncombe / Kelley Sheehan - Leave Them All Behind (Tsuku Boshi)

Boomkat's description on this sounded compelling, had no history with the artists here. Some quality granular repurposing of the human voice on this one, though a lots the tones are relatively divorced from the source. Fragments of sound are pitch shifted and basically treated like synth waveforms, but there's still a human source that shines through the darkness, it's quite excellent.

January 13th, 2023

Arbor Labor Union - Yonder (Sophomore Lounge)

This label has put out some cool stuff from acts like Water Damage, Equipment Pointed Ankh, and Guerilla Toss, so I figured I should pay more attention to what else they're putting out. This one is some rock with a southern edge to it, though it's not on the deep swamp rock vibe, or that Road House (1989) shitkicker rowdiness. It's more like being cosmically stoned in the wide open spaces, but not to the point of going fully into the sprawl (all of the track lengths are entirely reasonable) or adding any "whoosh" spaceship sounds or other attempts at smoothing. I'm finding this one more intriguing the more I leave it on my mind, something about the way the guitar and vocals fit over the endless drive of the drums is really working for me. I can imagine my thoughts on this one will develop over time, but for now I'll say it's one to check out!

Barn Sour - Soap and Glue (Penultimate Press)

Halloween may be many months away, but you may want to keep this in mind if you operate any kind of haunted house during that season. It's so hard to find something that gets sufficiently spooky while also being compelling musically, but this one pulls it off!

Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti - Music For A Cosmic Garden (WRWTFWW Records)

I think this is going to be one of those ambient jazz kind of things, I like to relax with that kind of stuff. Really haven't investigated this one too much but it seems like it'll be a good time. Takashi Kokubo was used for the first track of Kelela's Aquaphoria, that's enough for me to feel pretty confident about this one.

Lionel Marchetti & ÉCHANGE MAGNÉTIQUE - TAPE EX. RE - 702​ / 2022 ~ composition de musique concr​è​te (Self Released)

I'd seen Marchetti's name around in the past but hadn't really dove in until the recent appearances on Erstwhile Records, and everything about his musical practice suggests that I need to be paying more attention! This project has a really cool approach to collaboration. The contributors all started with putting together a minature compilation album, individualized 2 minute tracks coming one after the other, recorded to tape. And then that tape gets passed around quickly to each contributor, manipulating the entirety in whichever way they'd like, with Marchetti coming in at the end with an extended time frame to tie it all together. Gives a very interesting multi-dimensional quality to the presence of the involved parties.

Meadow Argus - This Old Rotten Barge (Self Released)

Loop soup is on the menu! It's not a puree, but there's no way anyone would mistake it for stew. So if you're not ready for an extended visit with some specific tone colors, you may not have the best time here. Personally, I'm a fan of these colors, and the processed field recordings do a very nice job of presenting new shapes within the broth.

Tujiko Noriko - Cr​é​puscule I & II (Editions Mego)

I'm going to need some serious contemplation and consideration for this one, but for now I'll just say that it has a brilliant approach to taking a pop quality of 'appeal' into an abstract musical space. All too often it can end up where the latter is just a coat of paint on the former, or it goes far out but loses the appeal. Feels like this one threads the needle though, amazing album.

Pool - Bok Director (Self Released)

This is a musique concrete/weirdo noise supergroup featuring Container, that guy who famously ate a lot of rotisserie chicken, the artist behind the musical project Kites and also the best cover in the Kramer's Ergot comics anthology series, and the bassist on the final album released on Load Records. I'm giving you all this information because I'm still not sure how to talk about the music, but I feel like all that info should give you a good idea of whether you'd want to hear this. It's good music!

January 14th, 2023

Grace Rogers - Cowpocalypse (Obsolete Staircases)

No idea what to expect from this, haven't heard a second of it, but the label put out that awesome Hairbrushing tape in 2021, and the title is fun, so I'm in.

January 15th, 2023

Taku Sugimoto - some ancient chants (Self Released)

Some more new work from Sugimoto, though in this case we've got lots of shortform work rather than the extended length pieces on 'falls'. I did find that one a bit more immediately striking, but his 'Short Pieces' from 2018 wound up growing on me so I figure this could end up doing the same.

January 17th, 2023

Ryuichi Sakamoto - 12 (Milan)

I really haven't kept up with Sakamoto's solo work outside of YMO, I didn't even go that deep with the Fennesz collaborations. I know that I need to, and I'm going to! It may be a while until I get to this one, but for those if you who have been keeping up, this is your reminder to check out this new one (if you haven't already).

Grim Beazley - Big World (Constellation Tatsu)

Hoshina Anniversary - HakkyouShisou 発​狂​し​そ​う (Constellation Tatsu)

Strategy - Graffiti In Space (Constellation Tatsu)

Often with these tape label batches, I'll get drawn in by one familiar name and the rest will all be fresh introductions. But in this case, I'm already aware that Strategy and Hoshina Anniversary do great work! Strategy has a wide body of work that can range from 2016's shortwave radio noise bath 'Information Pollution' to the breakbeat house of last year's 'Unexplained Sky Burners'. No matter what mode, he's always got a refined sound for it, and that trend remains unbroken for the dub techno of this new one. Hoshina Anniversary is a tough one to pin down, his 2020 album 'Odoriko' was a fun blast of mixed-fidelity melodic techno, but then he followed it up with 'Jomon' in 2021, bringing some really weird twists that I'm still not sure how to describe. But this one gets back to something closer to the sound of Odoriko, though maybe a bit more on the headspinning side of things. And then there's Grim Beazley, still haven't looked into what their whole deal is, but at the very least they're in great company!

January 18th, 2023

Equipment Pointed Ankh - From Inside the House (bruit direct disques)

A lot of the music that falls somewhere in the ambiguous space between post-rock and jazz can be pretty clean sounding, but this has all sorts of colorful grit going over the grooves. It's great stuff, part of me wants to recommend it to anyone who has been getting into Horse Lords, even though Equipment Pointed Ankh doesn't really embody any of the qualities that make that band distinct, except I guess for some instrumental hockets. Nevertheless, I feel like anyone who's built up their listener muscles with 'Comradely Objects' will find them put to good use with this music. There's a very good chance that this will end up being the album I listen to the most this year, since it came out so early and it has so much of what I want to hear from music most of the time. I'll go more in depth with this one later for sure.

Dancefloor Classics - Dancefloor Classics Vol. 1 (RAJATON)

Vladislav Delay - Hide Behind The Silence Vol. 1 (RAJATON)

Vladislav Delay kicks off *two separate series* of 10" records, with 5 editions planned for each series. The Dancefloor Classics one seems like it'll be going into territory as frenetic as last year's Ripatti Deluxe album (great news!), and then the one under the established name seems like it's more about the slow moving slabs (also good!), very excited to see where these series go.

January 20th, 2023

AGF / Harrga / Lafawndah & Trustfall / Chino Amobi / Savvas Metaxas - Future Chorus (Hypermedium)

Danny Arakaki - Tumble In Shade (Husky Pants Records)

Art Ensemble of Chicago - The Sixth Decade: From Paris To Paris (RogueArt)

Battery Operated Orchestra - We Are Ghosts (GOTO RECORDS)

Brainiac - The Predator Nominate EP (Touch and Go)

Andrew Cyrille - Music Delivery / Percussion (Intakt Records)

Melaine Dalibert - Magic Square (FLAU)

DRY THRUST – The Less You Sleep (Trost Records)

Fred Frith / Susana Santos Silva - Laying Demons to Rest (RogueArt)

gamut inc - sum to infinity (Morphine Records)

Christoph Irniger Pilgrim - Ghost Cat (Intakt Records)

Andrzej Korzyński - Diabeł [Reissue] (Finders Keepers)

loadbang and Ekmeles with guests - The Consent of Sound and Meaning: Music of Eric Richards (New Focus Recordings)

Mike Majkowski - Coast (Fragments Editions)

Kali Malone (featuring Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton) - Does Spring Hide Its Joy (Ideologic Organ)

Lionel Marchetti & Decibel - Inland Lake (le lac int​é​rieur) (Room40)

Francisco Mela featuring Cooper-Moore and William Parker - Music Frees Our Souls, Vol. 2 (577 Records)

Post Moves & The Sound Memory Ensemble - Recall the Dream Breath (Lobby Art)

Simon Scott - Long Drove (Room40)

Rian Treanor & Ocen James - Saccades (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

January 21st, 2023

Centrul Isteric / Michiu - Centrul Isteric / Michiu (Split) (Preston Capes)

January 22nd, 2023

Holsen&Cassiers - Walking in circles (Stroom)

And here's everything I'd written down for January 20th-22nd. I'll give this all some individual attention, but wow, look at all this! Long last demos from Brainiac's never-realized major label debut, a new recording celebrating six decades of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, a massive new work from Kali Malone, more material from Rian Treanor's collaboration with the Nyege Nyege Tapes crew, a new one on Stroom (they put out the Voice Actor album last year), and so many other big favorites like Post Moves, Mike Majkowski, and Melaine Dalibert... wow! This year is starting off so strong, it's going to be difficult to try to share thoughts on everything noteworthy. But I will be trying...

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