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New Release Roundup: January 6th 2023

I'll be back to writing about 2022 soon, but I'm going to be doing some Friday posts over the course of this year to share some quick thoughts on music released through the week. You might have thought that it would take a minute for things to heat up, but we've already got a lot of stunning music available!

January 1st, 2023

Kaho Matsui - NO MORE LOSSES (Self Released)

If you're not aware of what Kaho Matsui is up to, you really need to take notice. She's got numerous top-notch releases exploring territory ranging from euphoric summer party guitar & breaks combos, to emotional sonic devastation. And many of them came out in the past 12 months! This new one is a fine place to tune in, you get a good sample of the total range, and there's a lot of great features to send you down even further rabbit holes.

January 3rd, 2023

Kevin Drumm - PCM 5 (Self Released)

Zvrra - Instance (PPRZ)

I really have not been keeping up with Kevin Drumm's output, I don't think I've heard anything in this PCM series. But he does great stuff, so maybe I'll check it out soon. Seems like this might be on the more gentle side? On the other hand, I have already checked out this Zvrra one, and I can confirm that it is great. If you haven't seen me already praising her work on my jumble page, you can read some more in depth thoughts on there, but the main thing you need to know is that she makes excellent techno. So if you already know that's something you want, just go ahead and give this one a listen.

January 4th, 2023

Whettman Chelmets - Ode to Roy (Self Released)

Marco Ferrazza - Margine (Dasa Tapes)

Masayuki Imanishi - Walk (Dasa Tapes)

Tim Olive & Philip Sulidae - Batons (Dasa Tapes)

Riggings - The Arnold EP (Horse Complex Records)

There's some great quick ones here, like this Whettman Chelmets one is just a single 8 minute piece, produced in the wake of his father-in-law's passing. It's sort of in a Fennesz style of ambient processed guitar turbulence, with a strong emotional core that communicates grief quite clearly.

And the new Riggings EP keeps it brief as well, coming in under 17 minutes long. But she really makes them count. You may be familiar with the previous work as Al Riggs. This new alias still carries the excellent songwriting found under that name, though this is much less electronic than last year's Themselves album. It's still great stuff here, the structure of the whole thing alternates between stillness and forward momentum in a way that emphasizes the distinctions between each track, making for a very satisfying total package.

There's also this new batch on Dasa Tapes. The label consistently demonstrates such a tremendous care for sound that even when the names are wholly unfamiliar to me, I know they'll be worth checking out. And in this case I only have a vague awareness of Philip Sulidae via a recent release on Grisaille, otherwise this is all new for me. If you like the musique concrete/field recording/sound as music type of stuff, this will be a batch to investigate.

January 5th, 2023

Eiko Ishibashi - Cryonic (Self Released)

There was a lot of deserved attention last year on Eiko Ishibashi's For McCoy, but before Black Truffle reissued it, the original format was as a digital-exclusive self release. And that's not the only one, she's got other great stuff that has maintained digital-exclusive status, like Impulse of the Ribbon. And now we're starting the year off with another new one. I've only just begun to listen, and the music is pretty subtle, so I don't have any insights to share, but I'm having a great time getting to know it, and I bet you will too.

January 6th, 2023

James M. Creed - Six Studies (Sawyer Editions)

Max Johnson - When the Streets Were Quiet (New Focus Recordings)

Christopher Poovey - Vessels: Spellbook in the House of Hearts (Sawyer Editions)

Ángeles Rojas - breathe into the forest, into the bird, into the song (Sawyer Editions)

James Romig / Tony Oliver - Spaces (Sawyer Editions)

Lottie Sadd - a practice in taking up space (Sawyer Editions)

Naoto Yamagishi - 電​話​太​鼓 - Telephone drum (Yabuki Records)

January 7th, 2023

death's dynamic shroud & Holly Waxwing - Together, Our Thing (NUWRLD Mixtape Club)

And now that brings us to the weekend! There's this large batch of stuff on Sawyer Editions, a label from Kory Reeder that does great work in highlighting new composers (you may remember Reeder from his excellent recent album on Another Timbre). It has been a wildly busy time for me and so I haven't been able to slow down and fully take these in, even though I got an early preview. I can say for sure that this Ángeles Rojas one is a very compelling dose of chamber drone, though if constancy is not your favorite thing, you can find some distinct sound objects on some of the others.

For additional new composition work, there's this one from Max Johnson on New Focus Recordings, though this is more on the active side of things, a more rapid succession of events. I don't believe I've ever heard his music, I guess he's more oriented in the jazz world, though the sample I heard of this new one did not sound particularly jazzy.

I also saw this Naoto Yamagishi on Rate Your Music and it looked cool. No idea who he is or what he's using to make sound but it kind of reminded me of that video of Voice Crack beating the shit out of a long wire, which is always a cool thing to be like.

And for the near future, there's going to be a team up between death's dynamic shroud and Holly Waxwing! I still haven't subscribed to the mixtape club but this might get me to pull the trigger.

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