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Recent Releases: October 22nd, 25th, and 28th

This was one of those weekends where there's more music than there is time! Especially since I've been sleepy, and also I've been trying out Final Fantasy V for the first time (it's pretty good!). That's one of the reasons I like to write this stuff down, so that I can remember it all for the future.

October 22nd, 2021

aya - im hole (Hyperdub)

Ka Baird & Pekka Airaksinen - FRKWYS Vol. 17: Hungry Shells (RVNG Intl.)

Circuit des Yeux - -io (Matador)

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle (Impulse!)

Deerhoof - Actually, You Can (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Grouper - Shade (Kranky)

Mazzarella / Håker Flaten / Ra - What You Seek is Seeking You (Astral Spirits)

MonoLogue - MOVIMENTO (Grisaille)

Adam Pacione - Any Way, Shape, or Form (Elevator Bath)

Jessica Pavone - Lull (Chaikin Records)

Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi - Palimpsests (Shelter Press)

Phew - New Decade (Mute)

secat - no more tears (Self Released)

Tonstartssbandht - Petunia (Mexican Summer)

October 25th, 2021

Wobbly - Zero Monitress (Self Released)

October 28th, 2021

Threshing Spirit - The Crucible (American Decline)

The big one for me here is this new Jessica Pavone album, you can check out Foxy Digitalis or PopMatters for some detailed reviews, it's one I got an early preview of, and I still don't know how to talk about the way this music moves through time. Like I guess there's this whole thing with Pavone's compositional style, as explained on her website: "Pavone relies on a digital clock as a conductor to mark sections, duration, and cues. Indicated time frames on the score direct musicians to move freely between sections creating an overlap of sonic textures". I'm pretty sure that approach is being used on this album, and that's playing a big role in this quality of the music that I find so striking, but that's not the whole picture. I'm still not sure how to describe the missing pieces of what I'm thinking, but I'll go in-depth with this one in the future to try to figure that all out.

There's also so many other big releases though, many from well established bands and solo acts like Deerhoof, Circuit Des Yeux, Grouper, Tonstartssbandht, Phew, and even an archival live performance from John Coltrane. There's also the reunion of Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi, last seen in collaboration on 2013's Holiday For Sampler. And Mazzarella / Håker Flaten / Ra, this trio had something out on Astral Spirits in 2015, I haven't actually heard it, but the drummer Avreeayl Ra has done some cool trio work with Dave Rempis and Joshua Abrams, as well as some other cool work with artists like Nicole Mitchell or Luke Stewart, so he seems like someone I need to investigate further. And then of course there's the latest volume of RVNG's FRKWYS series, which has done some great work bringing legacy artists together with the younger generations. This time you've got a recording from shortly before Pekka Airaksinen passed away, working with the incredible Ka Baird (if you still haven't heard Respires, you should give it a listen!).

Then there's newer people like aya, who made big waves with "That Hyde Trakk" under the alias LOFT. There's also some people who are mostly new to me, like secat, who also has some very cool electronic beats, though with more of a lo-fi sound than aya. But they both have some really intriguing structural stuff going on, I'm looking forward to getting in-depth with the albums. And then I'd never heard Adam Pacione's work, but this new album compiles a bunch of old CD-R material. It's nearly 5 hours of drone that manages to continue bringing compelling sounds to the foreground to the very end, definitely someone I want to hear more from.

There's also that MonoLogue album, I'd mentioned it last week, but I jumped the gun. It's out now though, here's what I said about it earlier, re-written slightly: "It's the conclusion to a three-part suite, with the preceeding parts coming out on Enmossed x Psychic Liberation and Falt. It's all such a great take on the GRM acousmatic electroacoustic composition style. There's a real sense of care for the details of the sounds, and a deft ability to maintain their sense through the spaces. The compositions will spend a lot of time in the quieter end of the dynamic range, and it's easy for the sense that's made with synthetic sounds to get lost in the silences, but the connections here are quite strong. Superb stuff, definitely check it out."

And then today, there should be the latest part of the Monitress series from Wobbly, though I may have the date wrong. This is a great one though, so keep an eye out for it if it doesn't show up. I'm still not entirely sure what the conceptual boundaries are for this volume, but it kind of reminded me in sound of the Keith Fullerton Whitman's Playthroughs stuff (appropriate I suppose, since that one involved computer listening via pitch tracked guitar becoming sine waves), sort of muted in a way. I'll have a lot more to say later on, but for now just keep an eye out for it. Also on Thursday, there's Jordan Reyes' homemade black metal, a great way to head into Halloween time.

So that's a lot of music, right? But that's just what I knew about ahead of time! There's so much more that's happening, like it turns out that fals.ch has been reactivated for a while now, they had something from Pita last year, some alternate versions of Acid Udon. But more recently, they had something on the 19th, a new one from Electric Indigo, who you may remember from her album on Editions Mego last year. Then on New Focus Recordings, there's something from a pianist I'm unfamiliar with, Julia Den Boer, I can't really find much credits of recordings but one of the compositions she's playing is by Linda Catlin Smith, so that's something I'll want to check out.

The Buddy System Project put out a collaboration between Tyshawn Sorey & King Britt, Dreamtone has a new one from Strategy, Dark Entries has an archival collection of 80's material from Lena Platonos, and Flying Aspidistra has a delightful answering machine collage from Fred Lonberg-Holm

And then remember how I mentioned that MonoLogue album on Grisalle? It's part of a very nice looking batch, including this one from Bruno Duplant & Julien Heraud, I only got one listen in on that one but the a-side had some very nice stuff going on. There's some piano and other tonal stuff, but there's also two competing vocal recordings, one that sounds deliberate and direct, the other sounding like incidental chatter, I really liked the interaction between the two.

Then there's also stuff like the album that Nyege Nyege Tapes just reissued, the Raja Kirik album. That one first came out last year on the Yes No Wave Music label. I'd meant to pay more attention to that label after the album I heard from Zoo (a cool band featuring Rully Shabara from Senyawa). But I didn't pay attention, so I missed it! It's probably cool though, I'm going to get to checking it out soon. But I should also probably follow through on the initial goal of paying more attention to this label.

So yeah, busy time for music right now! And I'm sure I'm missing a lot of other great stuff, but for now I'm just excited to see what all of these are about.

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