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Recent Releases: October 8th, 10th and 12th

I'm still running behind on my focused writeups, I'm close to the next batch though, I'll try to get some dispatches out over the next few days. But as far as new releases go this week, you're in for a treat. There's so many great choices!

October 8th, 2021

Marja Ahti - Still Lives (Students of Decay)

HMOT - This Music Greets Death (Warm Winters Ltd.)

Hoavi - Invariant (peak oil)

Jerusalem In My Heart - Qalaq (Constellation)

l'ocelle mare - Sans Chemin (Shelter Press)

Ergo Phizmiz ft. Depresstival - Plaza Centraal (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Stice - Stice's Satyricon (Ramp Local)

Toshimaru Nakamura - Culvert - No​-​Input Mixing Board 10 (Room40)

Topdown Dialectic - Vol. 3 (peak oil)

MVW - Classic$ (MVW Productions)

Cody Yantis - Physical Silence (Round Bale Recordings)

Nick Zanca - Cacerolazo (Full Spectrum Records)

October 10th, 2021

Giant Claw - Millennium Bug Live 2018​-​2021 (Genot Centre)

October 12th, 2021

Kyle Bruckmann - Mesmerics/Hindsight A (Infrequent Seams)

I've been a big fan of the Topdown Dialectic releases that peak oil has been putting out, so the conclusion to that trilogy is very exciting to see. But that label does not put out a whole lot, so it's noteworthy that they've got this Hoavi album coming out. I'm quite eager to see what that one's all about, the preview makes me think it's on a similar level of highly refined electronic sound as the Topdown Dialectic material. Then while we're on the topic of great sound, there's also this Nick Zanca album, a musique concrète feast for the ears with some real drive behind it. And then Marja Ahti's also got a new one! And this HMOT album is so gorgeous... it's a really good time for ears right now. Then in poppier territory, there's some great tunes on this Ergo Phizmiz/Depresstival album, I'd never heard his stuff before but this one certainly brings the joy.

The biggest surprise for me is this MVW album. That's Michael Vincent Waller, who you may remember from his 2019 album on Unseen Worlds, Moments. When I heard the charmingly direct piano and vibraphone melodies, it never occurred to me that this would work great when paired with the producer of Waka Flocka Flame's "Hard In Da Paint". That song is amazing, but it's still not a pairing I would have ever considered possible. But on Classic$, Waller teams up with Lex Luger to take his approach to melody into hip hop. I was uncertain of how this would turn out when I first read about it, but it all made complete sense when I listened.

There's a lot of other great stuff out on this Friday, I'll give them all some focused attention here in a few weeks. And then on Sunday, you've also got an album of live tracks from Giant Claw, and the first half of Kyle Bruckmann's awesome new electronic work arrives on Tuesday. A lot of other promising upcoming releases have been getting announced, and I've got some updated info about delayed releases (like that Coltrane Live In Seattle album that got bumped to the 22nd) on the anticipation list.

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