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Recent Releases: October 1st, 5th and 7th

It's another one of the Bandcamp Friday promotional events, where they waive their cut of the purchase price so that more of it gets to the artists and labels running the pages. Somehow, even though these events have been going on for a while now, people are still complaining about getting buried by Bandcamp e-mails. I tweeted out a rough guide on how to make a filter in Gmail to separate all the Bandcamp e-mails from your regular e-mails. You can reclaim your inbox! This doesn't have to be a problem!

No individualized blurbs this week, but here's a long list of brand new releases:

October 1st, 2021

AJA - SLUG (Opal Tapes)

Black Dice - Mod Prog Sic (FourFour Records)

Wendy Eisenberg - Bloodletting (Out Of Your Head)

Hairbrushing - Unlisted Natural (Obsolete Staircases)

Sven-åke Johansson / Niklas Fite / Joel Grip - Swinging at Topsi's (Astral Spirits)

Lungs/LoneSword - The Birth of LoneSword (PTP)

Brett Naucke - Mirror Ensemble (American Dreams)

Yann Novak - Bathed In Light And Rapture (Room40)

Oriente Lux - Oriente Lux (The Jewel Garden)

Pilgrim Raid - Anna Agenda (CHINABOT)

RDL Shellah - Showcase EP (Bokeh Versions)

Matt Robidoux - At Dust (Already Dead)

claire rousay - 17 roles (all mapped out) (Shelter Press)

Loren Rush - Dans le Sable (Recital)

Paula Shocron / William Parker / Pablo Díaz - El Templo (Astral Spirits)

SSS - SSS (Decoherence Records)

TAK + Brandon Lopez - Empty And/Or Church of Plenty (Tripticks Tapes)

Tirzah - Colourgrade (Domino)

Various Artists - Eins und Zwei und Drei und Vier - Deutsche Experimentelle Pop-Musik 1980-86 (Bureau B)

Various Artists - The Future Disintegrates (The Jewel Garden)

Various Artists - Tresor 30 (Tresor)

Wobbly - Ethical Monitress (Self Released)

October 5th, 2021

Baggie - Sour (Haord Records)


October 7th, 2021

JD SWIFT - JD SWIFT (Psychic Liberation)

There's so much cool stuff coming out! It would be enough just to see the return of Black Dice and Tirzah's sophomore album, but then there's also Tresor celebrating their 30th anniversary with a compilation that nearly reaches 5 hours in length. There's also another artist following up their 2018 debut, AJA. Her last album achieved this particularly vivid electronic brutality, it offers some great catharsis, I'm really curious to see where she goes from that starting point. I think Opal Tapes has a few other new ones, I got a little confused by the listed release dates, but I'm sure they're all worth a look, they do great work. There's also some stuff I looked into on a whim, like this Hairbrushing album, Tabs Out tweeted a link and said "goes so hard", I checked the previews and they were right, it does. I'm eager to hear the rest.

I need to make sure to call extra attention to this latest chapter from Wobbly's Monitress project. The way each chapter engages with ideas of surveilance through the use of audio-to-midi software, operating it as a listening device, expanding and corrupt a musical input, it's all something that has been quite thought provoking for me, since I've been engaged with my own self-surveilance project with my listening data for nearly 6 years. The albums so far have all turned the failure to capture the whole truth into something musically playful, but this one seems to go all-in on capturing the creepy and disconcerting feelings that these technologies and processes can (and should) evoke. It's maybe my favorite in the series. But probably not the one to start with.

But yeah, there's too much to give every release their fair due, that will have to wait until later. But for now, just know that I think everything listed is very cool, and you should click some of the links and see whether they're something you're into.

It's also worth noting that there's a few releases that come a little later in the week that are worth keeping an eye out for. I love the mutant zolo that Haord gets out into the world, so I'll definitely be checking out these two new ones from them. And this JD SWIFT is another one where I basically know nothing about it, but the label has been popping up a lot for me lately via the Marie Rose Sarri album and the LXV / Glyn Maier split, and the previews sound cool. So make sure to save some room for those later in the week!

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