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I made a rudimentary blogging platform in google sheets

I've been writing on this site since February of last year with plans to expand beyond the blurbs about upcoming music and the single essay that loads in the index, but I have not been able to find time to do that. In fact, I've even found it difficult to keep up with the pace I was setting, and now there's a month's worth of music that I want to write about. So it seems like the right time to try to do more. I have this CMS that I built in Google Sheets, it's probably more trouble than it's worth but I feel like the investment will pay off eventually. I've linked it in case any of it could be useful for something you want to do (and feel free to reach out if you need assistance), but I'll start using this to share updates to the anticipation list, but also new features, like some thoughts on the large volume of music that I don't notice until after it comes out. I try to stay on top of it all, but there's so much! I only just recently found out about a Leila Bordreuil and Zach Rowden collaboration that came out in July. I was very glad to get the heads up on this from Keith Prosk's harmonic series newsletter, I love their collaboration from 2017, this is absolutely something I want to dig into. I'll also have some longer posts, like something that looks at six years of my listening data to consider how my relationship with music has changed, and what that means for the relationships I'm building with music I've heard this year.

Since I'm behind on the blurbs, I'll be making posts on Fridays that cover a batch of semi-recent music while also doing a very brief overview of the new stuff, but I hope I can eventually catch up and get back to blurbs as music is coming out. Not because I care about being current or anything, it's solely because it is so much easier to write about being interested in something where I don't have the full picture. I know that I could still write about this stuff entirely before I listen but that feels like a cheat when the music is available. But for the time being, I will have a one month delay with sharing any substantial thoughts about specific music.

Since this post is just a bunch of boring procedural stuff, I'll leave you with a suggestion if you're looking for some fun: go to YouTube and find something that's one of their autogenerated "topic" videos, but one with the category of various artists. You could just search "various artists topic" and one of the accounts will come up. Go into the videos tab, and you'll find thousands of songs that are likely miscategorized, and it's all stuff that you probably would never have any other chance to encounter. You can find ambient music made for puppies, noisy rock from Russia, and who knows what else. There's multiple Various Artists accounts, each one with new songs getting miscategorized every minute, so the grab bag potential is pretty great.

Thanks for reading, more soon!

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